Within a collection, the sculptures themselves become storytellers, eloquently recounting their unique tales of inception and evolution. Embrace the fluidity of their compositions, inviting your imagination to weave connections and unravel the hidden narratives that lie beneath the surface of each sculpture’s beauty.

Architecture of Nature


Architecture of Nature, a collection of three sculptures, serves as a striking entrance to the Eureka Springs Harmon Park Art Trail. These Sculptures are designed to showcase the strength and beauty of natural elements, while also paying homage to the changing seasons through vibrant glass inclusions.

Fused Glass and Fabricated metal,
3 sculptures each measuring 3’ x 5’

Unshattered Strength


Unshattered Strength progressed via humanity’s slow reemergence from the Covid pandemic. Time spent in isolation, along with the fear of the unknown, threatened to shatter lives and psyches. As Suzanne created this collection of sculptures, she equated the hard steel and strong architectural lines as the inner strength which kept us intact through the challenges of the pandemic. The glass appears delicate and fragile; just as our inner hopes, dreams and fears sometimes seem on the verge of shattering. However, the glass proves resilient and much tougher than one might think. With a bit of (self)care, our inner strength protects our fragile soul so we may stand strong and sturdy, without shattering.

Fused Glass and Fabricated metal,
Collection of 15 sculptures varying in size from 6’ height to tabletop size

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."

Scott Adams