Suzanne Reed headshot, Glass and Metal Sculptor in Eureka Springs, AR

One of the rare women creating art with both a mig welder and 10-pound sheets of glass, Suzanne Reed is a high-heat artist creating sculptures with metal and glass. By blending color, shape, layer, and texture in kiln-fired glass, Reed pushes the boundaries of form and geometry in her one-of-a-kind pieces.

Her background in landscape architecture is visible in her geometric layering, and her collections reflect a deep sense of place. A native of Arkansas, Reed has returned to her home state after decades abroad and now creates from her studio in the Ozark Mountains.

Suzanne Reed's sculptures adorn public spaces and private collections throughout the world. Her work is available by commission and at select galleries. Reed may be reached at her Art-Niks studio or through her website: www.art-niks.com.

Artist Statement

Harnessing high heat, Suzanne Reed welds metal into structure and glass into texture, creating architectonic sculptures that speak to the place-making ideals of our homes and public spaces. Visible in her sculptures are the landmarks of her life experience. A background in landscape architecture, grassroots leadership in developing countries, and living abroad have all inspired Reed to reflect that world in her high-fired art.

"When I look at the world of function, I see form urging me to create art. Fused with fire, both metal and glass render itself malleable. With maximum heat, metal becomes the architecture of my art, and the glass –fused, textured and layered in the kiln -- becomes its landscape."

Whether a patchwork of colorfully painted buildings in Albania or glass shards securing guarded walls in Zimbabwe, both beauty and turmoil become Reed’s forgeable palette. Pulling from the environment of urban and rural settings, she explores natural and built architecture to create form and beauty. A shimmering sea, colorful umbrellas twirling in the wind, a view of crisscrossing roadways – even experiencing the determination of young creatives striving to give voice to their art – all have found their way into Reed’s work.

Color, emotion, and a sense of belonging are the facets that Reed strives to capture in her work. Much like the principles of design, she balances rhythm, movement, contrast, and unity into work with a significant emphasis. Whether her sculpture is created for a tabletop or a grand public entrance, its geometric design speaks to both nature and force.

Appx. 2' height. 3/4" thick fused glass on metal.
Sculpture - Below the Surface. Appx. 2' height. 3/4" thick fused glass on metal.


In addition to private collections all over the world, Suzanne's work can be found in the following galleries:

Statton Gallery chandelier design and installation by Suzanne Reed
Statton Gallery chandelier design and installation by Suzanne Reed

Curated Gallery and Gifts
67 Spring Street
Eureka Springs 72632

The Statton Gallery
137 Spring St.
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Eurekan Art
150 N. Main St.
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Buxton and Landstreet Gallery and Studios
571 Douglas Rd
Thomas, WV 26292

Kimbell Art Museum Gift Shop
3333 Camp Bowie Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Studio Tour

Art-Niks (Suzanne Reed) invites you to visit the studio where the magic happens! Feel free to come participate in the creative process by selecting just the right piece of glass or helping design a sculpture that fits your lifestyle. Suzanne promotes an open studio so you can collaborate on the one-of-a-kind art that will become a part of your life. Contact Suzanne for more information.

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."

Scott Adams